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  Fibre optics      

SQS Vláknová optika s.r.o. was separated from Quittner & Schimek s.r.o. in 1994. The equal founders are Mr. Quittner, Mr. Simek and Mr. Svitorka (top expert in fibre optics). The company specialised in the field of fibre optics, particularly in assembling of optical connectors with multi-layer ferrules produced by Diamond SA company. In 2000 the company assortment was extended by the assembling of optical connectors with monobloc ferrules. The name of the company changed from Diamond CS s.r.o. to SQS Vláknová optika s.r.o.

  The company is located in the town of Nová Paka, in new buildings with an area of 6 000 sqm, of which 3 000 metres are fully air-conditioned with an electrostatic floor and entirely designed for producing the optical and electro-optical assemblies. The company has 100 employees and is certified by ISO9001.    
  The production covers the needs of the Czech telecom market, Slovak telecommunications and there are also activities in Russia and Ukraine. The most important of the foreign customers are JDS Uniphase and Siemens-Infineon.    
  Assembled connectors and ferrules :    
  a 2.5 mm ferrule by the DIAMOND technology for E-2000, SC, FC, DIN,       
  a 1.25 mm ferrule by the DIAMOND technology for F 3000      
  a Multi- ferrule by the DIAMOND technology MFS MT-RJ    
  a 2.5 mm monobloc ferrule / tuned connectors SC, FC, DIN, ST    
  a 1.25 mm monobloc ferrule / tuned connectors LC, MU    
  a Multi- ferrule MT-RJ MPO    
  a PM connectors SC, FC, DIN, LC, MU    
  a MIL-DTL-38999 (Ferrule AWG16, MIL-T-29504)    
  Most of ferrules are available in SM and MM standards, PC, UPC or APC.    
  All mentioned connectors can are also assembled dirrectly on the equipment or on the elements supplied by the customer.    
  Own development is very important part of the company efforts. Designers are active in the development of the production or testing equipment and also new variants and applications of fibre optic components.    
  New concept of ultra-light miniaturised fibre optic connector for universal applications, such as telecommunications, automotive, aerospace or industry is in the preliminary phase.    
  Quittner & Schimek and its sister company SQS-Vláknová optika have considerable experience necessary to make any type of optic connector or contact for any purpose in any application. Hi-tech production equipment, testers, visualisation and complete control over the whole process provides a unique opportunity to implement fibre optic trends from telecom to aerospace industries.      

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