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  Production equipment      

The company pays special attention to the equipment for production and testing. Beside state-of-the-art equipment, we use many standard and necessary hand tools. The listing of the tools and equipment consists of only well known and qualified producers. All the tools are properly maintained and calibrated.


Spectrum Technologies   CAPRIS 50

  UV Laser marking and processing system    
  a non contact, high speed marking for wires AWG 26-6    
  a clearly and permanently marks single core wires as well as multicore       
      jacketed cables or twisted pairs    
  a only acceptable methods for modern composite taped wires and cables    
  a for white and coloured insulation including PTFE (Teflon), ETFE (Tefzel),    
      XLETFE and FEP      
  a control by PC allows virtually any text and spacing    
  WEE Electrotest Engineering   W627-3    

Electroemulation and interconnection automatic tester

  a 2048 test points expandable up to 8192 points    
  a insulation testing up to 1500VDC, Hi-Pot up to 1050VAC    
  a testing of twisted pair and shielded cables    
  a component test and measurement    
  a emulation test to check switching sequences and states, timing    
      intervals, voltage/current values etc.    
  a emulation test software, co-operation with external instruments    
  KOMAX   KAPPA 230    

Strip & Crimp Machine - for higher volume termination up to AWG 14 with

  some special crimping tools - interchangeable heads    
  AMP   ELT    

Automatic cutting and stripping machine for wires and cables AWG24 - 5



  WA22 - Pneumatic crimp tools    
  WA23 - Large gage crimp tool crimp contacts from AWG8 up to AWG 4/0    
  Crimp hand tools, open frame crimp tools, installing and removal tools      
  Backshell accessory tools (M22520, M81969)    
  Inspection gages, Contact retention test tools    
  Wire crimp pull tester MPT-200A    
  AMP, Pressmaster    
  Hydraulic and hand crimp tools    
  Hand and pneumatic stripping tools    
  Hot knifes and hot tweezers - precise stripping tools for all type of    
  Schleuniger   UniStrip 2500    
  Pneumatic stripping machines    
  Band-It, HellermannTyton    
  Tie-Dex metal ties for screened assemblies    
  Cable tie tools    
  W.H. Brady      
  BP-2461 -Thermal transfer printer, high quality desktop printer      
  TLS2200 - Hand held thermal transfer label printer system      
  ID PAL - Service hand thermal transfer printers      

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