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The core of the company knowledge and business are components and tools for interconnections, mainly for aerospace and military technology. Quittner & Schimek offers not only delivery of the parts, but customer technical support from project design stage, part list optimisations, check on outdated products, tools inventory minimisation, logistic support. Specialised seminars and product trainings are organized for the customers. Company experience is also used to arrange special customised tool sets for production or service of wire harnesses, for example L159ALCA aircraft. Many items are ready in stock. The company co-operate with following well known suppliers :

  Amphenol - connectors, backshells, contacts      
  Amphenol - Air LB - termination modules,connectors    
  Glenair - backshells, accessories, connectors    
  Aero Electric Connectors - connectors    
  Positronic - connectors    
  Amphenol, Diamond - fibre optic connectors and cables      
  DMC - crimping tool by MIL standards    
  Ideal, Band-It Pressmaster, Tyco/AMP - other tools    
  Hellermann Tyton - heatshinkable parts    
  W.H. Brady, Tyco/Raychem - labeling and marking    

Tyco/Raychem - wires and cables, heatshinkable parts, splices, sleeves

  Nexans (Alcatel) - wires and cables    
  Tyco/AMP - cable termination    
  TA Mfg., Moxness - clamps, self-fusing silicon tapes    
  Gudebrod - lacing tapes and cords    
  Relays, contactors, switches:    
  Leach - relays, contactors, switches    
  MSD, CII, PCD, Amphenol-Air LB, Celduc - relays, relays sockets    
  Power supplies and DC/DC converters:      
  Cosel - switched power supplies and DC/DC converters    
  MTM Power, Vicor - compact power supplies and DC/DC converters    
  The displays and computers line covers all different display technologies with the possibility of creating a complete service for the customer including integration.    
  Planar - electroluminiscent and TFT LCD displays    
  Noritake Itron - VFD displays    
  Batron, Electronic Assembly - LCD displays and modules    
  EDT, Kyocera, Siemens, Digital View - LCD displays and controllers    
  Elo Touch Systems - touch panels and monitors      
  Digital-Logic - smart embedded computers and peripherals    
  Computer Dynamics - industrial monitors and computers    
  RTD, Tri-M Systems - PC/104 modules, PC/104 power supplies, boxes    
  M-Systems, SanDisk - data storage solutions based on flash memory    

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