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  Connector assembly line      

The assortment of connectors, the number of variants and styles is very large. For that reason it is not possible to have all of them ready in stock. To serve customers with the shortest delivery time, Quittner & Schimek established on its own site a connector assembly line. This is very important regards quick deliveries for prototyping, small series, as well as for series production with short time production cycles or with just-in-time delivery requests.

Based on the long term co-operation with Amphenol, in 2001 Quittner & Schimek obtained the approval to assemble the following circular connectors:

Amphenol 62GB

under MIL-C-26482 Series 1 - solder

(from MS3110 to MS3116)

Amphenol 162GB

under MIL-C-26482 Series 1 - crimp

(from MS3120 to MS3126)

These series are best suited for testing and diagnostic instruments, telecommunication and similar applications.

  Basic description of assembled assortment :    
  a 2 to 61 contacts, sizes AWG20 through AWG8 (7-45A).    
  a contacts types - solder, crimp, PCB    
  a large choice of box mounting receptacles, also with reduced flanges    
  a olive drab shell finish (only ecological ZnCo plating, without cadmium)    
  a keys and keyways according BS9522 FOO 17, BS9522-N001    
  a operating temperature range -55°C to +125°C    

Amphenol LJT / MIL-DTL-38999 Series 1

(MS27467, MS27468, MS27656 etc.)

Amphenol JT / MIL-DTL-38999 Series 2

(MS27472, MS27473, MS27484 etc.)

Amphenol TV / MIL-DTL-38999 Series 3

(D38999/20, D38999/24,D38999/26 etc.)

Amphenol SJT under Amphenol specification

All “38999” connecotrs are designed and approved to meet the most stringent requirements of aerospace,military and transport applications

  Basic description of assembled assortment :    
  a 2 to 128 contacts, sizes AWG22 through AWG8 (5-60A)    
  a contact types - PCB and crimp contacts for wires and coax, triax,     thermocouple, fibre optic cables    
  a aluminium shells in different styles    
  a ruggedised, 100% "scoop proof" series    
  a operating temperature range -65°C to +200°C    

Backshells and caps - for the above mentioned series are also assembled.

  Backshells - for heat shrinkable boots and shielding termination (EMI) in                   different sizes    
  Protection caps - aluminium or rubber body, chain or rope    

Many special or non standard parts are also in stock. These are designed to meet individual project requirments.

  a  heavy duty coupling rings    
  a  receptacles with reduced flanges    
  a  special inserts - insert arrangments different PCB and other special     contacts    

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